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The Bebe Confort Loola is a baby stroller that you can easily switch from facing forward to facing backward meaning your young baby can face you during its early months and when they get a little bit older you can switch it around. It takes no time at all and will save you purchasing a pram then a few months later a separate pushchair or stroller.

You can buy an infant carrier or car seat for the Bebeconfort Loola giving you the choice of a fantastic proven travel system. These simply clip into the Confort Loola body allowing you to move effortlessly from car to stroller making it great when out and about.

So if you're looking for that portable, simple to use trendy baby stroller then the fashionable reliable Bebe Confort Loola is the one for you.

Also available the fantastic Bebe Confort Loola UP baby stroller.

Bebe Confort Loola Technical Details

* Front swivel wheels which can be locked from the handle
* Ergonomic and swivel handles with 3 position adjustable height
* The seat unit reclines easily with one-handed operation
* Full size pushchair has an ultra compact easy fold mechanism
* Covers are easily removable and washable

The Bebe Comfort Loola is available in the following colours:-

Oxygen Red, Oxygen Black, Frambroise (Pink) & Starlight Grey.

Bebe Loola Travel System

Bebe Confort Loola Travel System

The Bebeconfort Loola is of superb design, is compact and easy to use guaranteeing your baby's comfort. The Bebe Confort Loola can be used as a Travel System with the included Creatis Car Seat or as a traditional pushchair using the Bebe Confort Windoo carrycot (sold separately). The Bebe Confort Loola Pushchair Stroller is small on size and big on comfort, through its elegance and intelligence Loola exerts a truly fascinating appeal.

The Bebe Confort Creatis Fix has a spacey interior with padded cover designed to give your baby maximum space ensuring that the head, neck and back are evenly supported. Also with the Bebe Confort Creatis there's a cushioned head rest for greater support of your baby's head when travelling. The Bebe Confort Creatis comes with air circulation for better ventilation, the air is renewed continuously with the humidity from your baby's perspirations being evacuated. The Bebe Confort Creatis Fix is clearly a more comfortable baby carrier.

Creatis is a new generation seat unit which has been tested and approved by the European Safety Organisations. The Bebe Confort Creatis is compact and spacious accommodating your baby for longer time periods and giving more comfort to 12 months. The Bebe Confort Creatis is conceived to fulfill as many safety requirements as possible offering the top level of protection. The Creatis also has an ergonomic shape to cradle baby in a world of safety and comfort.

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Bebe Confort Loola Specifications

Here are the specifications of how your Bebe Confort Loola Pushchair will come when you buy it new.

• Dimensions unfolded:
Length : 84cm x Width: 61cm x Height: Up to 101cm

• Dimensions when folded :
Length: 26cm x Width: 30cm x Height: 92cm
(these dimensions do not include the seat)

• Weight of frame: 7kg

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June 27, 2017
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